I have been a visual artist since 1982. Painting and drawing were the things I loved to do. I taught classes for many years and had lots of exhibitions of my paintings and installations in The Netherlands and abroad. 
Lately  I started working with textiles. My fascination for patterns and geometry found a new outlet in my designs for knitting. I alternately knit by hand and machine or combine the two. This gives me a lot of versatility and the possibility to visualize my designs with a little more speed. 
Photography is my other passion. Making photos enables me to document things for later use and is a great source of inspiration when I am starting new projects. 
Occasionally I do some graphic work and web design. For more information go to the website of my company Ontwerpstudio Groot: http://www.ontwerpstudiogroot.nl
You will also find some good things in my Etsy store 'knitweargoodies'. So please go and take a look!
IF YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE, please contact me at:

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